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Beauty tips for Fair Complexion - today’s young girls

Fair complexion is consider a sign of beauty in today’s young girls and many products are available in market but mostly is harmful for skin can create serious infections so avoid artificial products.
Best way for get fair complexion is natural food and ingredients which will gave you fresh and fair look without any side affect.

So you apply my these easy and effective beauty tips for fair complexion

1-    Take mint leaves and after grand apply on your face for 20mints then wash. You can use this tip for 15 days.

2-    Take lemon and honey juice in equal quantity and apply on face for 20min then wash with fresh water.

3-    Mix 1tab spoon rose water and 5 drops of lemon juice and apply on face at night and wash
in morning.

4-    Crash 1 apple and apply it on face for 25min and then wash with fresh water.

5-    Take 1table spoon of honey, lemon juice, milk powder and almond oil mix these ingredients and apply for 15 mints and wash with normal water.
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