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Dry skin problem and tips helps u

Hello girls are you wonder about your dry sink? Are you searching a miracle that bring losing brightness on your face?

We have Dry skin in the summer session or somebody have problem in winter because of low moisture in the weather. Dry skin can create wrinkle on your face and you lose marvelous young beauty. It can also bring infection on your body.

Dry skin problems can be solved by using at least 12 glass of fresh water, fresh juices  and using some tips can make less dryness on your face and body.

I have a solution to remove dryness problem and it will brought brightness on your face and no any side effect s.

1)      Take on tea spoon of fresh cream.

2)      Take half tea spoon fresh lemon Juice.

3)      Mix up fresh cream and lemon Juice and apply on your skin gently.

4)      After on an hour you wash your face with fresh and normal water.

You can use this tip 2 times in a weak with equal intervals. I hope you will achieve your losing brightness.
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