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Herbal Beauty Tips for skin and soft and shiny hairs

Beauty is very attractive factor of this World which beauty depends on human health and beauty. So for healthy and strong life use natural and herbal products help you to enjoy a healthy life.

Herbal products are effective for human health and beauty. For this purpose many products are available in market but mostly are harmful for skin can create serious infections so avoid artificial products.

Use natural herbal products which you can make in your home, so I have selected some easy and effective herbal tips for you.

1- Water is great tonic for your health and skin. So take total 9 glass of normal water daily. Normal room temperature water is more effective then cold so try to take warm or normal water not only effective for your health will also bring shine on your face and hair.

2- Take 1 cup curd and honey drinking it on night for freshness of skin.

3- You can use potato juice for removing marks on your body.

4- For normal skin, take one cup of yogurt, 1 spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of orange juice. Apply for 15mints.

5- Yogurt is a best cleanser for whole body. For hair you can user it with egg for soft and shiny hairs
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