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2011Tips For Your Nails,Latest Designs,Younger Glow

Young Nails Imagination Art Powders come in 11 different collections of colored acrylic powders to make nail art fun, easy, and quick to complete. The powders are packed with pigment to stand out on the nails and can be mixed to create endless colors and shades. From neons to pastels, and glitters and metallic powders too, Imagination Powders will take your acrylic creativity to the next level and beyond.
1. Prep the natural nail. Push back cuticles, remove shine with a medium file or arbor band, and swipe away oils and dust with Swipe. Apply two coats of Protein Bond.
2. Use Pink Cover Powder and reverse application to build body with a sharp smile line.
3. Apply the artistic nail form. Apply a mixture of Neon Pink, Rainbow Black, Star Sand, and Metallic Pearl to the free edge. Make sure the product is tucked up to the smile wall. Cap with Speed Clear to reinforce the free edge.
4. Once the product is dry, file the perimeter into shape.
5. Use the YN-99 and the I-Formation road map to file the enhancement into the proper square shape.
6. Apply Finish Gel to the surface of the enhancement and cure for two minutes.

7. Condition the nail with Rose Cuticle Oil.
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