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Acrylic nails are awesome and they can give a good aspect to those with weak nails or simply to those that have nails that grow with a bad aspect. Wearing acrylic nails has also a reverse. One day you will have to remove them. Below there are some things that will help you removing your acrylic nails without pain.

First, make yourself comfortable at a working place, like a kitchen table for example. You can sit back and relax. On the table, place a plastic bag and a newspaper file. It is better to do so to prevent the damage of the surface of the kitchen.

You will need an acetone polish remover, petroleum jelly, a nail buffer and nail clippers and a glass bowl. Remember to have all you need with you because when you will start the procedure of the removing the acrylic nails you will not have time to run after what you need.

The next step that you should follow is to use a pair of nail clippers in order to cut the acrylic nails as shorter as possible. This will make the removal of the acrylic nails easier. Fill a glass with nail polish remover; the nail polish remover must contain acetone in it. The nail polish remover will help to dissolve the glue that the fake nails are attached to the natural nails and to soak the acrylic nails. Before putting your nails into the polish remover solution you should apply to your skin a coat of petroleum jelly to prevent your skin to be too dried and damaged between the processes of soaking the acrylic nails. Another thing: you should avoid the contact between the petroleum jelly and the nail because it will block the dissolving of the glue.

After this, you are able to start the soaking process. You should dip your fingers into the glass of nail polish remover and soak the nails there for a quarter of hour. After 15 minutes, take the fingers off the solution and try to peel softly the artificial nail. If you feel any resistance dip, your fingers again into the nail polish remover and wait for 5 minutes.

You should never force removing an acrylic nail if you get resistance. It is dangerous for your natural skin. After you remove the artificial nails, you should remove the petroleum jelly and the rest of the glue with a paper handkerchief, or with a solution of warm water and soap.

In the end, you can remove the remaining glue with a buffer and apply a moisturizing cream on your hands.
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