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Best 2011 Nail design Collection,Black Colour Designs

Nail Art Black And White - 2011

Black is the trendiest color in nail art in 2011. You will notice many women flaunting their black nail art this season of 2011. Nail art has been around for quite some time now just that the design and the colors keep changing with every new season. Black looks great on short nails. On our website we will take you through many black nail art designs that have become the recent heart throb.

Black Nail Art For 2011
Black is a timeless color which has been there and will continue to be the most wanted nail color. Black nail art can be matched with any kind of outfit, especially gothic outfit. You can create many nail art design with other colors combined with black, the most favorite combination being black and white. There can be many nail art designs in 2011 that can be created using black. Recently I spotted someone wearing a Dalmatian print on her nails and really looked very cool. Another favorite color that goes with black and looks stunning is the shocking pink color.

DalmatianBlack and white Nails

Blackand pink Nail Art For 2011
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