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Sonakshi Sinha: My diet is very basic. I just eat well. I eat small meals every two hours to keep my metabolism going. Breakfast consists of Eggs and paratha and lunch is normally brown rice, two rotis and chicken or fish, or dal and vegetables. I try and cut out carbs and stick to just salads for dinner. Guilt trip: I have a sweet tooth, which I try very hard to control. I’ll indulge once in a while, but I’ll make up for it by doing an extra 30 minutes in the gym the next day.

Deepika Padukone: I understand my body and I know what it reacts to, so I always eat well-balanced meals. I like to try different cuisines - South Indian is my favourite. I just don’t go overboard. I tend to put on weight when I eat too much dessert and sweets, so I have to keep it under control. So if I get a dessert, I share it with someone but I never deprive myself.
Dia Mirza: I start my mornings with warm water and fresh lime to detox. When I eat simple food without too much spice and oil, my skin stays healthy. I eat lots of fresh and wholesome fruit and veggies. Anything sin excess is a no-no.

Shilpa Shetty: I don't avoid any food. My calorie intake is about 2,000 per day. I don't need that much carbs because I don't do manual work. I eat non-vegetarian food every day except Thursday. My breakfast is a bowl of porridge and normal tea. Then I work out (three-four times a week). After I return, I've a protein shake, two dates and eight black raisins. My lunch at 2.30 p.m. comprises one roti (bread) made of five different kinds of grain. And I must have ghee (butter) on my roti, can't do without ghee on my roti, vegetables done in refined oil, chicken and daal.

Then if I've a craving for something sweet I have a kulfi or a chocolate. I've green tea late afternoon and I've lots of hot water throughout the day. Evening, I've a flavoured soya milk. Then a cup of tea, no food until dinner, unless I feel hungry, then maybe an omelette sandwich. Dinner at 9.30 - lettuce salad with pomegranate or apple. And I avoid roti in the night. I'm a late sleeper.
Riya Sen: I can't diet! As soon as I think of dieting, I start thinking of chocolates. But I'm into controlled eating. Every time I'm hungry during the day I eat. But I control the quantity. I'm not over-ambitious about my workouts. I've never had a really major weight problem. I hate the over-worked-out look in women. I believe Indian women look best when they're slightly voluptuous. I love to swim, do light weights, attend dance classes and I do spinning.
Sonam Kapoor: On the contrary, I eat every two hours. Since my day is packed with strenuous physi¬cal activity-shooting, swimming or dancing-I never allow myself to go hungry for too long. If I feel peckish I snack on nuts and dry fruits. Drinking plenty of fluids through the day is also a must for me. I drink coconut water every hour or two; it not only quenches my thirst but also helps me feel fun. Other natural drinks such as cucumber juice and buttermilk also help me stay hydrated and keep my energy levels up. I am quite particular about avoiding fried foods and sweets. Salt and sugar are silent killers so I consume both in moderation by switching to natural sugars and seasoning in my food.

Bipasha Basu: I follow no diet regime at all. I just work out like crazy in the gym and keep on my toes the whole day.
Lara Dutta: I am a vegetarian. I have six or seven small meals, a space out cabrs and proteins, and have lots of fruits and vegetable juices.
Celina Jaitley: I eat seven mini meals every day after every two-and-a-half hours. Breakfast is a must. I've lots of fruits and nuts. I also drink seven-eight cups of green tea a day. But no calorie count because my intake depends on the amount of stress per day.
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