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Foods For Your Skin: Get A Healthy Glow With Just Your Diet

Yogurt and bananas are packed with copper, calcium, magnesium, and, vitamin C that strengthen eyelash follicles. Good bye false lashes!

Healthy hair doesn't just mean shampooing and conditioning, and healthy skin is more than just moisturizing. The secret to true lasting beauty are the fruits and veggies you put in your body not just on it. Sites like caution that over-the-counter supplements are not as good as the real thing. Myths like brushing your hair 100 times before bed and the sun clearing up blemishes are old wives tales that can be solved by munching on power produce.

Since spring is in full gear and warmer months are ahead, finding a variety of fruits and veggies is super easy and uber delicious! We'll show  you why you really are what you eat and an apple a day just might keep the doctor away. Take a look at these healthy picks for beauty and learn how carrots can actually benefit you.
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