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Hair Tattoos : Hair Tattoos Worth !

I have to admit, tattoos kinda make my skin crawl. Keep in mind I'm usually gung-ho about beauty trends, even the really bad ones, like these, but tattoos seem so permanent. So, when I heard the term "hair tattoos," I was a little intrigued and a lot confused. Luckily, it's not as bad as bad as it sounds, or as enduring as a real tattoo. (Now, if you already have a real tattoo and are wondering what it says about you, check out this article.)

Elly Torres, Master Stylist at ULTA, introduced this idea of hair tattooing to us a few weeks ago. She calls it a "fun, simple trick," and all you need is a mini-crimper. And don't freak about the crimper. At least we're not using the Flowbee or any other of these weird hair tools.

First, take a random section of hair and place a diagonal crimp onto the section. Then, take the crimper and place another diagonal crimp on the same section, but going the opposite direction. It should create a grid like pattern. You can either wear one in your hair or a bunch -- it's up to you. (For more hairstyle how-tos, check out our hairstyle gallery with thousands of styles.)

Kylie, our newest coworker, was brave enough to let us try hair tattooing on her. We used a crimper from Bed Head, and placed two "hair tattoos" in Kylie's hair. (It was super easy and quick.) What do you think of this trend? Will it ever get as big as feather extensions? Or is it a silly throwback to the early '90s? Leave your comments below.
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