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Motif and Maryah Dada's Embroidered Dresses - Embroidery Fashion

Embroidery dresses are known since fashion was introduced, means there is no history of Motif Embroidery Fashion. Embroidery is used to give a new fancy look to the dress. Girls prefrer embroidery to give fancy attraction. Embroidery was used for party wear dresses but according to the current trend motif fashion is also used for casual and formal dresses.
Motif should be apply according to the dresses shape, pattern and color contrast. According to current season, designers have introduced a huge variety of embroidery dresses specially motif embroidery dresses which made easy to select the dress according to the season /  events. Here we are going to share some motif embroidered dresses of Maryah Dada Dress Designer. lets have a look....

Open Shirt in Kali Style
Western Umbrella Look
Motif long Shirt
Stylish Black Frock
Subtle Nuances
Designer Maryah Dada combines the lightness of chiffon with the sensual femininity of her aesthetics. Her modern cuts bring a succinct fusion of design details in the form of ease in her creations. A muted palette enhances the focus on cuts and the use of embroidered motifs. Flowing, layered and intrinsically pretty, Marah Dada brings designs for all seasons
Designer Maryah Dada, Model Fouzia Aman, Photographer Fayyaz Ahmed, Makeup Wajid Khan
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