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Sana Safinaz Lawn exhibitions 2011 - Lawn Collection

Sana Safinaz lawn broke new ground last year when their collection sold out a day
earlier than it was supposed to and caused major traffic jams in Karachi and Lahore.
Can it be a suprprise then that other fashion designers have joined the lawn wars?
However it will be hard for everyone to hold a candle to tour de force that are the
Sana Safinaz Lawn exhibitions.
For 2011 the design duo bring their feminine aesthetic to lawn that refines what the
public usually associates with the fabric. Bold motifs combine perfectly with vibrant
colors as well as pastels and neutrals in this years collection. Elegant and luxurious
has always been the brand style with an understand oomph thrown in.
And they recreate exactly this feel with their lawn joras and the unique style twist
they imprint on each.



Celebrate Your Individual Femininity This Summer Season!
This Spring/Summer season the Sana Safinaz woman need not be bound by any
particular style, cut or colour as we encourage her to experiment with her own
individuality and indulge her creative facel.
We advocate that kameezes of varying lengths, both the long and the short, and
everything in between are going to be the summer staples.
The key is to mix up your look and keep it up interesting. Stay cool and crisp in the
sweltering heat of the day in a shorter, more streamlined cut. For evening retain
the Glamour and effect of the long and flowy look.
The colours are bright and vibrant and infused with stunning neutral tones to make
for more wearable ensembles. Bright and clashing colours are key concepts to bear
in mind this season. We sincerely hope you enjoy your new Sana Safina wardrobe
as much as we have enjoyed designing it for you!
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