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Make-up Accessories and beauty products - KRYOLAN Professional Make-up

Kryolan is the international brand of makeup accessories and beauty products. Its network is all over the world with many outlets. In pakistan outlets of kryolan are in the big cities in karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawlpindi etc. For 65 years KRYOLAN Professional Make-up is a specialized manufacturer of professional make-up around the globe. KRYOLAN is also engaged to establish their products more towards the beauty sector. The name KRYOLAN and its other trademarks stand for professional competence, high product quality, exceptional diversity, professionalism, flexibility and tradition. The brand continuously work developing new products, looking for innovative raw materials with special skin caring properties. There products are having high degrees of safety and reliabilty. KRYOLAN has always applied extremely high quality standards.The outstanding compatibility of each KRYOLAN product has been verified before marketing by voluntary dermatological tests on a clinical basis. check out the collection of products by kryolan!

Aqua pearl shades lip gloss
makeup products by kryolan 06 246x300

Kryolan pancake with brush
makeup products by kryolan 05 300x225

Kryolan eye liners
makeup products by kryolan 04 300x197

Attractive eye shade and lipstick colors
MakeUp accessories and beauty products by Kryolan 03 229x300
 Makeover of miss universe done by Kryolan
MakeUp accessories and beauty products by Kryolan 01 205x300

Maskara by kryolan
kryolan makeup products 11 300x300
 Blush on shades
kryolan makeup products 10 300x158

Kryolan micro shades
beauty products by kryolan 09 298x300

beauty bags
beauty products by kryolan 08 300x257

Cool Lipstick shades by kryolan
beauty products by kryolan 07 300x295

Professional makeover by kryolan
MakeUp accessories and beauty products by Kryolan 02 229x300
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