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Nail Polishes : Best Nail Polishes To Match Your Tan

Best Nail Polishes To Match Your Tan

With every beauty style, there are different ways that need to be followed. Same, in wearing nail polish color it is important to know some basics. Nail polish colors should flatter, or at least complement with the wearer’s skin tone. Every skin tone has its own uniqueness and importance. Nail Polish color trend change every year. But it doesn’t mean that all “in” colors suites everyone. Different nail polish colors suits on different skin tones. There are six main types of skin tones ranging from light to black. Identifying your skin type will help you pick out make up that best suits your natural appearance. Now let’s have look, which nail polish color is best for your skin tone.
Fairer Skin Tone:
Women with light or fair skin tone appear to be the luckiest since they can apply most colors to their nails. All colors will suit on fair skinned tone. They can wear what ever is in trend. From darker shades to light shades. fair skin are advised to stick to nail colors that have a blue base because they complement a light complexion without overpowering or making it appear pasty However some specific nail polish colors are more preferable for fairer skin tone i.e. red, light/medium pink, pastels, plums.
Yellow-based, bright reds or orange-reds nail polishes clash with a fair complexion and make it look overly pale.
Medium Skin Tone:
For medium skin tones try to look for nail polishes which look a bit on the metallic side.
The medium skin tone some of the shades that you will want to opt for include bright shades of pink, blue and orange. Also look for metallic nail polish shades of light blue and silver.
So avoid red, navy blue and darker purple type nail polish colors, they will give a pale reflection
Tan Skin Tone:
Tan skin toned can not wear all type of nail polish colors. Bright shades of pink, blue and purple are recommended for tan skin tone. Also include in your preferences the light brown and chocolate. Tanned skin is often associated with warm colors; both makeup and nail polish should follow this principle.
Avoid golden nail polish, if you have tan skin tone.
Darker Skin Tone:
People having darker skin tone, maroons, dark greens and reds tend to look the best. A chocolate brown that is not too dark can also look great. Avoid too brighter shades. Also avoid silver, white and orange type nail polishes. These will give darker effect.
Some natural remedies to avoid suntan:
• Rub the tomato on any part of your body that should not be tanned. It will have to be reapplied frequently, but is very effective.
• Mix the tomato into a paste and apply directly to the body. Other ingredients that should be mixed with the tomato to form a very effective natural sun block include a half slice of lemon, one tablespoon of sugar, and one tablespoon of glycerin. This also makes a great

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