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How do you measure your Bra size ? | Bra Cup Size | Bra band

Bra sizes are made up of two parts - a number and a letter. The number is known as the "band size" or "back size," and the letter is the "cup size."

For Measuring Your Bra Size at Home all you hav to do is Measuring the band size and Measuring the cup size:

Measuring the Bra band size :
The first measurement you have to take is around your rib cage,Hold a measuring tape flat on your rib cage just below your breasts at the place where you would fasten the bra strap right up under your breasts, right wear the band usually sits. This is your band size, with some brands you have to add five to this number and make sure it's rounded up to the nearest even number, but with most it's just the number you get from the tape.

Make Sure While Measuring :

 * Stand erect with your back and shoulders comfortably straight
 * You should not push your chest out nor should you hold your breath.
 * Ensure that the tape is parallel with the ground and not tilted.

Measuring the Bra cup size:
The second measurement you take is around the fullest part of your breasts.Hold the measure flat against the fullest part of your breasts ie. over your nipples.The difference between this number and your band size indicates your cup size. If it's one inch it's an A, two inches a B, and so on so forth. For instance if the measurement under your breasts comes out to be 32, the measurement around your breasts comes out to be 33, then you would be a 32A cup.

 Difference Cup Size

-1 inch AA

1-2 inches A

2-3 inches B

3-4 inches C

4-5 inches D

5-6 inches E or DD

6-7 inches F or DDD or EE

7-8 inches G or FF or EEE
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