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Controlling Dandruff - Dandruff Control - what is dandruff

Controlling Dandruff

This is one thing that goes and comes back again. It causes itching and so we get irritated. Hair also start falling more due to this. You must have guessed already what that disturbing thing is! Yes it is dandruff - the small white flakes that make our scalp itchy and reddish sometimes.

So what exactly is dandruff ?

First of all, let me tell you that dandruff is also known as scurf or Pityriasis simplex capillitii. This small looking but big problem gives various problems to our scalp. In the early stage, there are small flakes on our scalp but later on these flakes start growing bigger and thicker too. In fact, our skin cells keep on renewing themselves and the process keeps on going forever. So this dandruff is nothing but the dead cells of our skin.

Causes of dandruff

Cause of dandruff - Fast renewal of scalp

When our scalp renew its condition, the new cells are formed over there and the old ones are pushed on the surface of scalp and these are the dead cells which we see as dandruff. Those people who have more dandruff means that their scalp is renewing itself faster than normal and so the dead celss are shed more. Sometimes the problem of dandruff becomes so much that others can notice it from a distance.
Cause of dandruff – Exposure to temperature

Another major reason of dandruff is high temperature. When the head remains exposed to extreme temperature, the problem of dandruff arises. That is why, all of us are often asked to cover our head before moving out in the sunlight. The covering of head does not only not protects us from the UV rays of sun but also protects us from the problems like gray hair, dandruff etc.

Cause of dandruff – Unwashed and dirty head

Some women think that hair should be washed only once in a week but this is extremely wrong because one week is a long period and the hair become dirty leaving a bad scalp. One should wash hair at least in every three days. Now a days, such mild shampoos are also available in the market from which you may have an everyday head wash. Always remember that dirty head means dandruff.

Treatment of Dandruff

As dandruff is a common problem so generally people do not take it very seriously but they should know and understand that this problem may damage your hair permanently. With a little care and few remedies, you may get the solution for “ how to get rid of dandruff” kindda queries. Given below are few  remedies that will help you control your dandruff problem.

Dandruff Treatment – Avoid junk food

If you want a permanent solution for your problem of dandruff then start avoiding the junk food completely. If you have any unhealthy food habits then do leave them. Try to control your temptation for the junk food as it causes a lot of harm, not only to your hair but to your whole beauty and health.

Dandruff Treatment – Restrict yourself from tea, coffee

If you do not want to feel embarrassed because of dandruff then try to restrict yourself from beverages like tea, coffee, soft drinks etc. These drinks are related to your skin problems. Also try to restrict yourself from chocolates, sweets and other sugary items. This does not mean that you have to leave them forever. But you have to just check that they are not a regular part of your food.

Dandruff Treatment – Have a balanced diet

You know when I first came to know about balanced diet, I thought it was difficult to maintain it. But with a little effort we all can have a balanced diet which contains green leafy vegetables, necessary proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and everything else that is nutritious for our body. What you can do is that you may buy vegetables of two days. Everyday you may prepare any one vegetable and with that you may have a bowl of pulses and also a bowl of curd. Try to include more nutritious things with this list of foods now.
Dandruff Treatment – Proper hair care

Again, I would like to remind you that keeping hair clean is very necessary. Do not delay the washing of your hair. Use good herbal shampoos. Avoid the shampoos with strong fragrance. Also, comb your hair regularly. This will improve the blood circulation of your head.

Dandruff Treatment – Avoid hair colors and dyes

Mostly hair colors  and hair dyes  are made by chemicals and  other  harmful  elements  which may cause a permanent damage to your hair. Always remember, healthy hair is the most beautiful  hair. Everything like coloring or dye processes is secondary. First you should check out that your head is clean and healthy. Hair colors and dyes can be a major cause of dandruff.

Dandruff Treatment –Try this dandruff home remedy

Dandruff can also be controlled by following few home remedies. One of the most popular remedy is to apply a mixture of lemon drops and sugar. For this remedy, take a fresh lemon, squeeze it and in that juice mix a teaspoon of sugar. Remember, that you do not have to dissolve the sugar. Now apply this mixture on your head and rub it gently, just as we do in scrubbing. Here the sugar will act like a scrubber.
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