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Tips To Apply The Right Eye Make Up

When the evening occasions call you, you want to look amazing! For that glamorous and eye-catching look, just highlight the most important part of your face, that is, your eyes! Our eyes are like mirrors that reflect and oceans full of mystery. In just six steps learn how to get beautiful eye make up for those awesome eyes.

Using concealer

Use of concealer is a must if you have got dark circles or a tinge of blue under your eyes. To conceal the dark undereye circles put three dots of concealer under each eye. Now use the ring finger to spread these dots because this finger is known to have the softest pad. Begin to spread these dots from the inner area of eyes. Then slowly move under the pupil area and finally towards the outer edge. Do not rub while spreading the concealer. Just pat.

finally towards the outer edge. Do not rub while spreading the concealer. Just pat.

Eye base

Before you move for any other eye make up step, make sure that you apply the eye base. Without the eye base any other make up will not hold perfectly on the eyes. It may crack or smudge without the eye base.

Applying the eye shadow

At first the highlight color should be applied to the brow bone and the lid. You should apply just a dab of this usually shimmering highlight color. Now with the help of an eye crease brush sweep the mid tone into the crease of the eye by starting on the outer corner. To blend this with highlight colour just go back in round movements. This shadow is almost always a matte and should be a shade or two darker then your skin tone. Now starting again from the outer corner, apply the contour color, moving along the lash line.Then go back up and try to blend with the mid tone. At every stage of applying shadow, the blending should be done perfectly to provide you a neutral look.

Use of eye liner

Always keep an eye liner in your make up kit. It is easy to carry and apply. Though most of the make up tips suggest to start applying the eye liner from the middle of the eye lid but what I have experienced personally is that whether you begin from the center or from the corners but you should achieve a perfect line. If you are applying the liner from the mid of an eye lid, move further towars each corner, one by one, drawing a thin line towards the corner. When applying the liner from the inner corner of the eye, start with a thin line, make it a little thick in the middle area of the lid and again, move towards the outer corner, keeping the line thin again.

Lash curlers

The lashes with normal length look pretty with the help of a lash curler and those with an extraordinary length look even prettier. With the help of this curler your eyes may look very attractive and gorgeous. If you want an extra effect from this lash curler then just heat the curler under a blowdryer for a couple seconds. But while using this hot curler, always test it before applying as it can be a little risky for your eye part.

Applying the mascara

Keep the wand of your mascara brush under the bottom of your lashes and move it back and forth. Apply the required mascara coats but make sure that you have a quality product else it may smudge very soon. After you are done with the upper lash, follow the same procedure with the lower lash.

Apart from all these steps, take care of your eyes on a regular basis. For the good health of your eyes, it is necessary that you do not strain them much in front of computers or television. Drink lots of water and wash your eyes whenever you come from outside. And what about the most important tip for the eye make up? Well, do not forget to keep eye pads under your eyes before you begin the make up.
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